Terms and Conditions

Rental of the fences and any other fence materials (“the fencing”) provided by Modu-Loc  to the lessee is conditional upon the agreement of lessee to the following terms and conditions by Lessee: Modu-Loc and lessee agree that the fencing, when delivered and installed, shall be in good condition and suitable for the purpose of delineating the perimeter of the site location or that portion thereof designated by lessee, subject only to any deficiencies noted by lessee in this Job Report. Modu-Loc  shall correct any such deficiencies promptly. The fencing is delivered as described above and all agreement, representations and warranties on the part of Modu-Loc not set out herein, whether express or implied, are excluded. In particular, Modu-Loc is not responsible for any loss incurred by reason of late delivery of fencing or for failure to cor­rect deficiencies in respect of the fencing delivered unless Modu-Loc fails to act reasonably promptly. Lessee will use the fencing provided only for the above purpose, at lessee’s sole risk and lessee is solely responsible for confirming that the fencing meets its requirements. Lessee will return the fencing in the same condition as it was when delivered by Modu-Loc, subject only to reason­able wear and tear from permitted use. Lessee shall reimburse Modu-Loc for any loss or damage which may occur before it is returned to Modu-Loc, including by reason of abuse, theft or damage caused by lessee or third parties. Modu-Loc shall remove and repair damaged fencing at lessee’s expense, and if fencing is damaged beyond repair (in the opinion of Modu-Loc, exercised reasonably), or if fencing is lost or stolen while leased to lessee, Modu-Loc shall replace such fencing at lessee’s expense. Rental charges include delivery and pick-up of the fencing at the site location as well as installation by Modu-Loc personnel in ac­cordance with Modu-Loc’s customary standards or any special instructions set out above. It does not include the cost of repair, replacement, cleaning or painting or unreasonably  dirty or vandalized fencing, removal cartage or reinstallation of repaired or re­placed fencing, such costs being for the account of the lessee. Lessee indemnifies and holds harmless Modu-Loc and its officers, directors, employees and contractors from any loss or claim arising in respect of the fencing, its installation or use, including all losses incurred or claims made by any person for injury,loss of life or loss from damage to property, including reasonable legal costs of Modu-Loc, on a full indemnity basis. Lessee shall be re­sponsible for ensuring reasonable  work place safety at the site location and that the fencing is used for the intended purpose and is not abused or vandalized. Rental and any other costs payable by lessee hereunder shall be invoiced to the lessee and are payable in full without set off. Any rental or other amounts not paid by lessee when due shall bear interest from the date of invoice until paid at the rate of 18% per annum. All costs of enforcing these terms and conditions shall be for the account of the lessee, including Modu-Loc’s  reasonable legal costs, on a full indemnity basis. Any legal proceedings  with respect to the fencing shall be conducted in the jurisdiction of the site location.

“We recently selected Modu-Loc as our fence enclosure provider for our Conroe KidzFest. They did a great job in advance of the event providing guidance regarding the appropriate fence to use to not only keep our kids safe but provide an attractive alternative to traditional fence. We would recommend their services to anyone that wants to execute a top notch event.”
Lauren Arnold – City of Conroe

“We used Modu-Loc temporary fencing in all of our six locations this summer to expand our patios. Their crews have been so professional and amazing to work with. Justin Ford who processed our orders answered all of our questions and expedited the six installations. Their Toronto crews were also quick to call back to book install dates and times.  I met up with six different installation crews and they were all excellent to work with. I highly recommend this company.”
Gary S Theodore - President, Demetres Group

“Working with Modu-Loc was a great decision for Katy Rice Harvest Festival 2016. Our point of contact was extremely professional and proactive, beating all of the deadlines we gave him. He cleared 3750’ of fence in 4 hours – well before we needed it done. Not only did the fence look great while keeping the entire event secure, but the service was outstanding! We will definitely be using them again next year.”
Allen Fuller – Katy Rice Harvest Festival

“Many of our events at MLSE, and especially the Hub City Hockey Event in Toronto would not have been possible without the hard work and support from our trusted partners at Modu-Loc. As always, they provide the infrastructure to keep our events safe, and always work in a timely fashion to get things done. MLSE has had the opportunity to work with Modu-Loc countless times on various events over the past few years and therefore we were confident that despite a ton of hurdles, they would help make Hub City a success. The crew was amazing to work with and together we were able to provide a safe and secure set up for everyone involved. Thank you again for all that you do, we truly appreciate working with great vendors like Modu-Loc.”
Duncan F., Director – Event Experience Team - Maple Leaf Sports & Entertainment

“During the delivery and installation of the fence perimeter for the 2020 Brier Patch tent in Kingston, the guys installing the fence did a great job despite the harsh winter conditions. They were professional and very accommodating.”
Paul T. - City of Kingston, Recreation & Leisure Services

“We’re so happy we chose Modu-Loc as our fence supplier for the InTouch Credit Union Plano Balloon Festival this year. Not only is the product superior to others we’ve used in the past but even the attendees commented on how terrific everything looked. Our contact on the ground was a true professional. It was an awesome experience. We highly recommend using them for your next event.”
Joe Via – InTouch Credit Union Plano Balloon Festival

“It was great working with Modu-Loc on The PARKLIFE Festival this year. Not only did they come in at competitive pricing, they really worked with us to make the festival secure and attractive under a tight deadline. Thanks for your commitment to getting this done right! We will definitely be using Modu-Loc for future PARKLIFE events.”
Bowe O’Brien – Bowe Inc.

“It was a great experience working with Modu-Loc on Wurstfest this year. Not only did the fence look great while keeping the entire site secure, but the service was outstanding! We will definitely be using them again next year.”
Suzanne Herbelin – Wurstfest Association of New Braunfels

“Reaching out to let you know how well everything went this weekend. Skippy was on his A game, as usual! I also wanted to highlight how great the entire team was – respectful, attentive to detail, easy to work with and efficient.”
Heather M. - Canada Running Series

“I just wanted to reach out and thank you. The event was a huge success – our 1,741 participants raised $7.8 million for the Alberta Cancer Foundation. We couldn’t be happier with how smooth everything ran on our end. We couldn’t have done it without you!”
Emily P. – Ceremonies Production Manager, The Ride to Conquer Cancer

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