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Live performance event

Live performance events may or may not be ticketed. They are characterized by the use of a stage for a musical, dance or other type of live show. These events must secure the front-of-stage area for the safety of the performers and attendees. This typically requires the use of a front-of-stage barricade, sometimes enforced with security personnel. The back-of-stage area must also be secured to prevent unauthorized access.

Standard Rental Fence Panels

Why this is recommended

Temporary rental fence is ideal for events with a short-term need for fencing. For perimeter fencing, we recommend 6’ or 8’ fence to prevent unauthorized access and create designated entrance and exit points. Our 4’ fence panels are a popular choice for queues, security checkpoints and beer gardens.

Product details

Product details

  • Available in 4', 6', or 8' high
  • Professionally engineered for strength and durability
  • Bases and caps included
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Silver Crowd Barrier

Why this is recommended

Silver Crowd Barrier, also known as pedestrian barricade, is a popular choice for queues and merchandise booths as it is very easy to install and relocate. The panels come with bases already attached so they can simply be picked up and placed where needed. Pedestrian barricade is intended to manage the flow of event attendees. Due to its height and portability, it should not be used as security fencing.

Product details

Product details

  • 36" tall and 7' long
  • Bases are attached; simply pick up and place where needed
  • Manage the flow of event attendees
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Stage Barricade

Why this is recommended

Live performance events without seating must control the crowd at the front of the stage. Our stage barricade is designed for this. Made of durable aluminum and weighing 123 lbs per section, it has a capacity of 200 lbs per linear foot. Each section features a heavy-duty step on the back to elevate security workers, enabling maximum crowd control.

Product details

Product details

  • Purpose-designed to provide effective stage protection
  • Heavy-duty step provides elevation for security workers
  • Made of high-grade aluminum
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Keep scrolling to see a list of recommended products that will help enhance the stability, safety, and security of your fence.


Uneven terrain and inclement weather can cause temporary fencing to slide, tip or blow over, so fence installed outside should be reinforced. As well, if banners or screening will be added to the fence, a stability solution must be used to counteract the added weight and wind load.


Safety is a concern whenever large crowds of people are involved. Trips and falls are one of the biggest hazards when it comes to fencing at events. Public events also have an obligation to consider accessibility requirements for their attendees.

  • Fence on jersey

    • Fence panels can be mounted to concrete jersey barriers with saddle mounts or bolted plates
    • Provides additional safety and security
    • Reduced installation time and cost versus other hoarding systems
  • Echo barrier

    • Achieves noise reduction between 10dB and 32dB
    • Water-resistant, flame-retardant and able to withstand extreme temperatures
    • Suitable for short-term and long-term projects requiring noise mitigation
  • Debris Netting

    Debris netting

    • Helps to contain dust and debris on construction sites
    • Polyethylene netting is lightweight and durable and finished with eyelets for easy installation
    • Hang horizontally or vertically; cut to length without running
  • Delineators

    • Improves visibility of fence, even at night
    • Help to prevent tripping hazards
    • Easy to install and available in a variety of styles
  • Safety Ramp

    Safety ramps

    • Highly visible
    • Provides smooth transition for wheeled equipment
    • Reduces pedestrian tripping hazard


Whether ticketed or not, designated event entrances and exits are a good idea to help manage the flow of attendees and to act as security checkpoints. Inside, you may need to restrict access to certain sections like back-of-stage areas. You may also require secure temporary storage compounds for equipment.

  • Barbed wire system

    • Improved security and breach deterrence
    • Fabricated with braided steel wire
    • Makes fencing more difficult to climb
  • Privacy screening

    • Limits visual access
    • Helps to contain dust and debris
    • Printed screening works to increase brand exposure
  • Security accessories

    • Improved security and breach deterrence
    • Clamps cannot be removed without proper tools and access to back of fence
    • Spike rails provide visual and physical breach deterrence
  • Fence on jersey

    • Fence panels can be mounted to concrete jersey barriers with saddle mounts or bolted plates
    • Provides additional safety and security
    • Reduced installation time and cost versus other hoarding systems
  • Gates

    • Create easy-to-use access points within a fence line
    • Increase security by controlling access points
    • Available in multiple sizes/types to suit a variety of needs

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