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Commercial / industrial construction

Hoarding is a requirement for most construction sites, and temporary fencing is one of the most popular and economical options available. Today’s construction projects are increasingly more complex, with many moving parts and multiple phases to consider. They require customized site containment solutions that can simultaneously address stability, safety and security concerns.

Standard Rental Fence Panels

Why this is recommended

Modu-Loc’s temporary fence panels are professionally engineered for strength and durability. Typically, our 6’ and 8’ high fence is used on construction sites to meet minimum safety requirements. For sites with more complex security or safety requirements, our fencing can be enhanced with a range of accessory products.

Product details

Product details

  • Available in 4', 6', or 8' high
  • Professionally engineered for strength and durability
  • Bases and caps included
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Sale Panels

Why this is recommended

If you are planning a long-term, multi-phase project, you may benefit from purchasing your fence panels. Buying temporary fence panels is also a good option for contractors who have short-term but frequent or recurring temporary fencing needs. Our sale fence meets minimum safety requirements for construction hoarding.

Product details

Product details

  • 6' tall and 10' long
  • Galvanized or powder-coated steel and welded wire mesh for optimal longevity
  • Bases and caps available
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Silver Crowd Barrier

Why this is recommended

Silver Crowd Barrier, also known as pedestrian barricade, is used to manage the flow of foot traffic and block off work areas. It is a great option for light indoor construction work and is very easy to install and relocate. The panels come with bases already attached, so they can simply be picked up and placed where needed.

Product details

Product details

  • 36" tall and 7' long
  • Bases are attached; simply pick up and place where needed
  • Manage the flow of of pedestrian traffic
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Keep scrolling to see a list of recommended products that will help enhance the stability, safety, and security of your fence.


Uneven terrain and inclement weather both create a risk of fence tipping over, which poses a hazard to passersby and site workers. If anything is being hung from or added to the fencing, it must be reinforced to counteract the additional weight and wind load. The stability of your fencing system is especially important if your site is near pedestrian walkways or roads.


Your site perimeter fencing should ensure the safety of your workers and members of the public. Not only does your fence have to protect people from the hazards found on your job site, but the fence itself must be safe as well. This means eliminating trip hazards and containing dust and debris. If your site is near a busy road, you will want to make sure the fence is visible to drivers. You might also consider a fence on jersey system to protect your workers from the dangers of the road.


Construction sites can make easy targets for thieves, as they are frequently unoccupied on weekends and overnight. Temporary fence is your last line of defence against site break-ins, and there are many ways to enhance the security of your fence system. Securing your fence panels also prevents trades and subcontractors from opening up the fence line to gain access to the site, which can leave your site vulnerable.

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