Pickup Panel Temporary Fencing, The Fence that Goes with You

Install. Move. Remove. Repeat
Fast and simple to set up and take down – even by just one person.

Small, But Mighty
Stronger and more durable than other lightweight options.

47″ of Convenience
Designed to fit in your truck and take up little storage space.

Don’t Pay Extra Fees
Pick up and install yourself – and avoid delivery and install charges.

There when you need them

Whether you work in utilities, regularly tackle small construction jobs or rent temporary fencing often, Modu-Loc Pickup Panels are the faster, more convenient way to secure small worksites.

Designed to fit in the back of most utility vans and trucks, these temporary fence panels can be installed, moved and dismantled quickly and easily – so the only schedule you have to stick to is your own. And, when they’re not in use, simply tuck them away without taking up too much storage space.

When buying makes financial sense

If you find yourself renting often and typically don’t need a lot of fence, it makes more sense to buy. Your investment could pay off in as little as 6 months.* You’ll avoid rental, delivery and installation fees, and with no minimum order requirement, you can purchase the right amount for you and your team.

*Numbers based on average pickup panel purchase volume in Ontario.

[the Modu-Loc Pickup Panel] gives Modu-Loc customers a great option to save money on delivery and set-up, while offering the convenience and flexibility of a lightweight, user-friendly fence panel. We love that they’re easy to move on site and that they’re available to us whenever we need them, without having to wait for delivery.
Brandan EnnisArea ManagerDeLuca Roofing Inc.
[Modu-Loc’s Pickup] fence panels have made our lives much easier on smaller jobs. These panels fit in our pickup trucks so we don’t always require a machine on site to unload. They also provide ease of installation for 1 person as they don’t weigh much.
Quinn WeatherallMacdero Construction Limited

Details & Specs: Lightweight & Versatile

72” tall x 47” wideWeight:
Approx. 25 lbs.Material:
Powder-coated steel construction*

Modu-Loc Pickup Panels meet all requirements for temporary construction hoarding safety and security, and have high-visibility bases to reduce the risk of trips and falls. *For Quebec and Ottawa, our Pickup Panels are made from galvanized steel to handle harsher weather conditions.

Fast to set up. Fast to take down.

In three simple steps, you’ll have the safety and security you’re looking for. Take a quick look at how our Pickup Panels are installed – it’s as easy as 1, 2, 3.

Ready to take it with you?

Bring your own temporary fence panels wherever your job takes you. For more information and pricing on Modu-Loc Pickup Panels, connect with one of our reps today.


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