How Construction Impacts Well-being

October 1, 2019

Have you ever had to live near an active construction site? The continuous drilling, hammering, sawing and incessant beeping from loud machines can really wake you up on the wrong side of the bed. Although vital to continued urbanization, construction can get pretty annoying for local residents. But did you know construction also impacts your […]

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Roadside Barriers for Construction: 5 Things You NEED To Consider

August 13, 2019

When starting a roadside construction project, one of the things you need to do is find a way to separate your site from the public, ensuring safety for drivers, pedestrians, and site employees. Traditional systems, such as basic temporary construction fencing or plywood hoarding, don’t always meet all requirements. The roadside barriers you choose may […]

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Protecting Your Site from Construction Theft

June 17, 2019

Construction theft is a low-risk, high-reward crime costing our industry millions of dollars annually. When it comes to the Canadian construction industry, exact losses are difficult to nail down. One source estimates that every year, about $46 million dollars’ worth of equipment is stolen from Canadian construction sites. Ontario alone accounts for $15 to $20 […]

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Branding Your Construction Site: Why It’s Important, and How to Do It

June 4, 2019

We’ve seen a surge in branded construction sites, especially in metropolitan areas – and for good reason. Branding your construction site is an inexpensive yet effective form of advertising. Consider that many job sites have a large perimeter and require some form of site containment. Especially in developed areas, your site is likely to border […]

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Should You Rent or Buy Your Fence?

May 21, 2019

You have a big construction project coming up. You’re coordinating all the materials, suppliers and labour to make sure the job gets done right. When you need temporary construction fence to secure your site, you may wonder if it is best to rent or buy your fence. There are many different factors to consider, but […]

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Perspectives: Women in Construction

March 8, 2019

The construction sector is one of the largest employers in Canada, employing roughly 1.4 million Canadians. One could say that the construction industry is male-dominated, as only 12% of the workforce is female. Although the numbers are slowly climbing, they show that there is still a significant lack of women within the industry. Furthermore, 75% […]

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How to Protect Against Common Winter Construction Hazards

February 6, 2019

Construction work carries a number of inherent risks – some of which are worsened in the winter months. Winter in Canada brings the added challenge of dealing with snow, ice, and below-freezing temperatures. All of these factors can increase the risk of illness or injury on the job site. Thankfully, awareness can go a long […]

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Erosion Control Methods for Winter Construction

November 23, 2018

We experience a lot of different weather conditions during the long winter months here in Canada. Ice, rain and snow can all have an impact on the condition of your construction site. Harsh winter weather can pose numerous issues on the job site, potentially delaying work and running up costs. Generally, winter construction jobs require […]

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Cold Weather Survival Guide for Construction Workers

November 8, 2018

Following the popularity of our hot weather survival guides for construction and events, we put together guidelines for staying safe in cold weather. Construction employees who work outdoors know that enduring cold weather can be difficult and even dangerous. There are three specific cold weather factors that affect outdoor construction workers: Air Temperature Air temperature […]

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7 Spooky Things Found on Construction Sites

October 29, 2018

There is no shortage of examples of spooky things being found on construction sites. Especially during excavation, it is arguably inevitable that you will unearth some unexpected items. Sometimes, you may even come across some treasures. In the spirit of Halloween, here are 7 weird and spook-tacular things that have been found on site during […]

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