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Produits de clôture pour tous vos besoins

Nos systèmes de clôtures supérieurs peuvent être personnalisés pour répondre à toutes les exigences de votre site.

Expérience des nombreux types d’installation

Notre vaste expérience de l’installation de systèmes de clôtures temporaires dans diverses configurations fait en sorte que nous pouvons répondre à vos besoins particuliers. Découvrez les différents types d’installations que nous pouvons vous proposer.

La différence Modu-Loc


Nous nous engageons à fournir un soutien total, y compris un temps de réponse en 24 heures, des systèmes de clôtures de qualité, des conseils éclairés et une installation sécuritaire.


Comprendre ce dont vous avez besoin pour répondre aux exigences de sécurité de l’industrie est notre priorité. Voilà pourquoi nos spécialistes suivent la formation la plus approfondie dans l’industrie.


Nous sommes en tête en ce qui concerne les nouveaux produits innovants que nous proposons pour nos systèmes de clôtures – ce n’est qu’une des façons dont nous répondons aux besoins des clients.

Nous pouvons garantir une location exempte de stress. Voyez ce qui nous démarque.

Le blog Modu-Loc: La sagesse de la clôture chez les pros

Des solutions de stabilité pour clôtures temporaires

Mardi 15 septembre 2020

Pourquoi avez-vous besoin d’une solution de stabilité pour votre clôture temporaire? La clôture de votre périmètre permet d’assurer la sécurité de votre site. C’est votre dernière ligne de défense contre les intrusions. C’est la raison pour laquelle il est essentiel que vous assuriez la stabilité de votre clôture à tout moment. Bien entendu, les clôtures […]

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Modu-Loc annonce un nouveau partenariat avec Habitat pour l’humanité Canada

Mardi 15 septembre 2020

La famille est au cœur de la culture de Modu-Loc. Après tout, la famille et le bien-être sont l’une de nos valeurs fondamentales. Mais cette valeur va bien au-delà d’un code de conduite ou d’un comportement attendu de la part de l’entreprise. Pour nos employés, qui nous considèrent comme la « famille Modu-Loc », elle […]

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Cinq façons d’économiser sur votre location de clôture

Vendredi 28 août 2020

Que vous organisiez un événement ou que vous planifiez un travail de construction, la location temporaire de clôtures n’est qu’un poste de votre budget. Les budgets étant de plus en plus serrés de nos jours, vous cherchez sans doute des façons de réduire vos dépenses. Heureusement, il existe des moyens simples de faire des économies […]

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“We’re so happy we chose Modu-Loc as our fence supplier for the InTouch Credit Union Plano Balloon Festival this year. Not only is the product superior to others we’ve used in the past but even the attendees commented on how terrific everything looked. Our contact on the ground was a true professional. It was an awesome experience. We highly recommend using them for your next event.”
Joe Via – InTouch Credit Union Plano Balloon Festival

“We used Modu-Loc temporary fencing in all of our six locations this summer to expand our patios. Their crews have been so professional and amazing to work with. Justin Ford who processed our orders answered all of our questions and expedited the six installations. Their Toronto crews were also quick to call back to book install dates and times.  I met up with six different installation crews and they were all excellent to work with. I highly recommend this company.”
Gary S Theodore - President, Demetres Group

“It was great working with Modu-Loc on The PARKLIFE Festival this year. Not only did they come in at competitive pricing, they really worked with us to make the festival secure and attractive under a tight deadline. Thanks for your commitment to getting this done right! We will definitely be using Modu-Loc for future PARKLIFE events.”
Bowe O’Brien – Bowe Inc.

“I’d like to extend my gratitude to you and your staff for being consistently excellent to work with. Your staff have always been very professional & efficient [while] still being friendly and approachable. Shout outs to Rob, who really helped us out in a bind this week and is always amazing to work with. You guys have never failed to help us out, whatever the notice we’ve given you. Sincere thanks from the Winsport Team!!”
Rebecca A., Special Events Manager – WinSport

“Thank you so much for helping us rock the Nike Run event. You and the Modu-Loc team were such a pleasure to work with!”
Tiff, Matt & Jess – Lemmon Entertainment

“Modu-Loc provided crowd control for the Operation Care event at the Dallas Convention Center this year and we will definitely partner with them again next year. With 500,000 square feet of space, 4,000 volunteers and 20,000 guests at this event, the quality of the fence and the professionalism of the staff was very important and Modu-Loc was top-notch. Our contact was an enormous help in the planning and logistics of the fence throughout the entire event, which was critical to the flow and the security – and the success! Thanks Modu-Loc. Looking forward to next year!”
Ronald Batts – Operation Care International

“Many of our events at MLSE, and especially the Hub City Hockey Event in Toronto would not have been possible without the hard work and support from our trusted partners at Modu-Loc. As always, they provide the infrastructure to keep our events safe, and always work in a timely fashion to get things done. MLSE has had the opportunity to work with Modu-Loc countless times on various events over the past few years and therefore we were confident that despite a ton of hurdles, they would help make Hub City a success. The crew was amazing to work with and together we were able to provide a safe and secure set up for everyone involved. Thank you again for all that you do, we truly appreciate working with great vendors like Modu-Loc.”
Duncan F., Director – Event Experience Team - Maple Leaf Sports & Entertainment

“Having utilized Modu-Loc for a previous festival, I was confident we were partnering with a reliable and knowledgeable company that would creatively bring our fence concept to life for the recent Shaky Boots and Shaky Knees festivals in Atlanta. Their flexibility and attention to customer service truly differentiate them in the market. I would recommend them to anyone looking to carry out a fun, safe and successful event.”
Carl Monzo III – Endless Summer Productions

“During the delivery and installation of the fence perimeter for the 2020 Brier Patch tent in Kingston, the guys installing the fence did a great job despite the harsh winter conditions. They were professional and very accommodating.”
Paul T. - City of Kingston, Recreation & Leisure Services

“Working with Modu-Loc was a great decision for Katy Rice Harvest Festival 2016. Our point of contact was extremely professional and proactive, beating all of the deadlines we gave him. He cleared 3750’ of fence in 4 hours – well before we needed it done. Not only did the fence look great while keeping the entire event secure, but the service was outstanding! We will definitely be using them again next year.”
Allen Fuller – Katy Rice Harvest Festival

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