What Type of Fence Should You Buy?

December 11, 2018

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We recently published a blog post about the best time of year to buy temporary fencing. Now that you know the best time to buy, the next decision you have to make is what type of fence to buy. If you’re looking for temporary construction fence at Modu-Loc, you have two primary options: light duty and heavy duty. These two types of fence panels have certain unique features that need to be considered and weighed based on your requirements.

Light Duty Temporary Fence

What we refer to as light duty fence is our standard sale panels.  These panels are typically only available for purchase, and are not generally rented to customers. Although they might look similar to our heavy duty rental panels, they differ in a couple of ways.

Our light duty fence is Modu-Loc’s lower price option, thanks to the thinner tubing, lighter-gauge wire, and overall smaller size. This includes slightly smaller components, like shorter bases and caps. They are also powder-coated grey instead of our usual green.

Modu-Loc light duty economy fence panel

Although they are more economical than our regular rental panels, they might just be exactly what you need for your job. They are relatively lightweight, making them ideal if you are planning to pick them up from a Modu-Loc branch yourself. Their lower price point makes them great for price-sensitive customers or projects with very tight budgets.

That being said, light duty panels are best-suited for one or two long-term projects. That’s because they aren’t built to withstand constant transportation and excessive wear and tear. This option is perfect for long-standing job sites. If you are working on a certain site for several years, chances are our light duty fence will address your needs.

Pickup Panels

Another option in our lineup of temporary fence for sale is the pickup panel. The pickup panel is ideal for small jobs and budgets. That’s because not only is the fence itself economical, but its small size makes it well-suited to a “do-it-yourself” approach. At only 25 lbs per panel, just about anyone can lift and install a pickup panel by themselves. This means you don’t need to pay someone else to install your fence.

Two small steel temporary fence panels installed to form a short fence line

Even better, the pickup panels are only 47″ wide and can easily fit in the back of a pickup truck or van. You can achieve additional cost savings by picking up your own fence from your nearest Modu-Loc depot, rather than  paying for delivery. At 6′ tall, pickup panels still provide security and peace of mind on new home builds or utility maintenance jobs.

Heavy Duty Temporary Fence

From time to time, we also sell used heavy duty fence panels from our rental inventory. These panels are built to last up to 20 years – heavy duty, indeed! Crafted with thicker steel, our rental fence is more robust and resistant to rusting and damage. It is engineered to be able to withstand moving from site to site. The panels were designed for transportation, stacking in a way that deters slipping and shifting while on the move. If you are planning on keeping this fence for a while, and relocating it from site to site, this is the right option for you.

Generally speaking, due to the high quality and longevity of these panels, they are more expensive to purchase than our light duty fence. That being said, you may be able to find heavy duty panels to suit almost any budget if you don’t need them to be in perfect condition. Our rental fence is sorted and graded according to its condition each year, so used panels are available at various price points. Check with your local Modu-Loc branch to see whether they have any used fence for sale.

Modu-Loc heavy duty rental fence panel

Like most decisions you make for your project, it’s all circumstantial. The type of fence you choose to buy depends on the length of the job, your budget, the location of your site, and more. You may even find that buying isn’t right for you! Check out our post titled “Should You Buy or Rent Your Fence?” if you need help with making that decision. When in doubt, always consult your local sales representative to help you make the best choice based on your requirements.

Author: Joanna Bieda

Joanna Bieda is the Director of Marketing and Communications at Modu-Loc Fence Rentals, and has been with the company since 2014. She loves writing and is a self-professed data nerd. She thoroughly enjoys teaching customers about all things fence via Modu-Loc's blog.

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