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May 31, 2019

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One of Modu-Loc’s Core Values is Excellent, Reliable Service. I wanted to witness firsthand how our Fence Guys uphold this core value. I decided to go out on site with one of our crews. The driver was Omadatt – or “Skippy”, as he is affectionately known by our customers. Skippy has been a Modu-Loc Fence Guy for an impressive 12 years. I was confident that by witnessing his customer interactions, I would be able to learn more about how we serve our customers.

When the guys were finished setting up fence at the first site, we started getting into the truck to prepare to leave for the next job. I noticed Skippy, still outside of the truck, talking to the customer. Based on his relaxed stance, I assumed it must be a casual conversation. Skippy then came over, finished up his paperwork and we headed out to the next job.

In the truck, Skippy turned to me and said, “That guy was having a pretty rough day with all the other contractors he is working with”. This must have been what Skippy and the customer were talking about before we left. I was intrigued by Skippy’s dedication to going above and beyond with the customer. I asked Skippy to dive a little deeper into how he interacts with our customers to ensure they receive the best service possible. Here is what he said:

Safety First, Always
Make sure to be upfront with the customer. If they are asking you to do something that is unsafe for you, them, or the people around the site – speak up. Explain to the customer why you cannot complete a certain task, or why things need to be approached differently. Trained Fence Guys know when to spot potential safety hazards and issues, and it is our responsibility to bring it up to the customer. As Safety and Accountability is another one of our Core Values, we must always make sure we take the time to do things safely. If there is a similar alternative that is safer, offer that to the customer. Often, there is a compromise that can be made to make everyone happy.

Take Some Extra Time
Take a minute to talk to the client and really understand their perspective. Sometimes the customer just needs someone to vent to. Everyone is impacted by stress at work in some way, especially during large projects or busy times of year. Taking those extra few minutes to talk to the customer really makes a difference in their day. If we are able to joke around, put a smile on the customer’s face, or just have a casual conversation with the them, it makes your job a lot more fun at the same time. That extra 10 minutes spent is well worth the investment.

Enjoy What You Do
Skippy told me that working with the customer is one of his favourite parts of the job. He gets to meet so many amazing people. He has also cultivated friendships with some of our customers during his many years at Modu-Loc. Our best Fence Guys always try to go above and beyond whenever possible. The reason? Skippy said he always gets a lot of personal satisfaction when he leaves a happy customer behind on site.

Skippy summarized the Fence Guy difference perfectly: “Caring about customers is what sets Modu-Loc apart from the rest”.

Author: Stephani Hnetinka

Stephani is a Marketing Assistant who has been working with Modu-Loc Fence Rentals since 2018. She enjoys writing about construction, and loves anything and everything to do with temporary fencing solutions.

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