Temporary Crowd Control Fencing Solutions

March 25, 2020

Often, if you’re managing a project in a public area, it means you’re dealing with crowds. Whether you’re organizing an outdoor event or performing light construction work in a public setting, you may find yourself in need of crowd control fencing. Thankfully, you don’t need to start scouring the internet for crowd control fencing for sale. If you need barriers for a short-term project, there are suppliers who offer temporary fence rentals.

Crowd control barriers come in a variety of styles. You’re probably familiar with stanchions, commonly seen at malls and movie theatres and consisting of a post with a retractable belt. Even a simple wooden post and rope solution can serve as a sort of crowd fence.

However, there are situations that demand a more robust crowd control barricade. Outdoor events and festivals typically deal with very large – and sometimes rowdy – crowds. Light construction or renovation work also requires a sturdier crowd control solution to ensure the safety of passersby.

When Should You Use a Crowd Control Barrier?

Crowd control fencing is used for a number of different applications. Some of the most common uses include:

  • Queue management, such as at the will call or box office, or in retail settings
  • Delineating parade routes or pedestrian pathways
  • Perimeter fencing for public events
  • Beer gardens, picnic areas and temporary patios
  • VIP areas at special events

– Light indoor construction or renovation work that poses minimal risk to passersby. Note that crowd control fencing is not recommended for hazardous work. Always consult municipal bylaws related to temporary fencing standards for construction sites

Not sure which temporary crowd control solution is right for your situation? Below, we’ve outlined the different styles of crowd control fence and included common applications for each.

Standard Fence Panels

Steel mesh crowd control fencing in front of tables and umbrellas

Our standard temporary fence panels are professionally engineered for strength and durability to provide the highest level of security in the rental fence industry. Constructed with steel and heavy gauge welded wire mesh, these panels are built to last. The bases can be anchored to concrete or asphalt for extra stability, while the interlocking steel caps ensure alignment and overall integrity. Our standard panels may be integrated into any one of our specialized solutions – such as our concrete block ballast system – for added safety and security.

Available in lengths of 5′ and 10′, and heights of 4′, 6′, and 8′, our standard green fence panels suit a wide range of applications. The term “crowd control barrier” usually describes any barricade with a height of around 4 feet. For this reason, our 4′ tall standard fence panels are most often used for crowd control applications.

Suggested Applications:

  • Perimeter fencing for construction sites
  • Perimeter fencing for outdoor festivals and events

Black VIP

Black steel picket-style fencing creates a queue for crowds at an event

Our premium black fence panels create a temporary system that effectively manages the access and flow of attendees and customers. These panels are made of black powder-coated steel, and provide an attractive solution for crowd control. Often used for special events, this solution is also seeing widespread adoption throughout the retail and restaurant sectors.

Suggested Application:

  • Queue management
  • Creation of “chutes” to manage flow of attendees
  • Delineation of parade or race routes
  • Temporary restaurant or bar patios
  • Beer gardens and VIP areas

Silver Crowd Barrier

Silver crowd control barricades create queues for an outdoor sporting event

These galvanized steel barricades are also known as pedestrian barricade or “bike rack”. Our silver crowd barrier is ideal for clients requiring an attractive and effective option for managing pedestrian traffic. Unlike some of our other options, our pedestrian barricade comes with the bases attached. This makes them an ideal temporary crowd control solution, as they’re fast and easy to set up and relocate as required.

Suggested Applications:

  • Queue management
  • Delineation of parade or race routes
  • Safety fencing for light construction work

Delineators with Rubber Base

Two parallel rows of high-visibility delineators form a temporary designated pathway for pedestrians

Our high-visibility delineators are a quick, simple, and inexpensive solution for crowd control. Delineators have looped tops which can accommodate rope or caution tape – creating a highly mobile yet effective temporary barrier. Available for purchase, delineators are great to have on hand when you have an unexpected need to cordon off an area – for instance, when there is a spill requiring cleanup.

Suggested Application:

  • Quick temporary crowd control in a public space

Need a Recommendation for Crowd Control?

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Author: Stephani Hnetinka

Stephani is a Marketing Assistant who has been working with Modu-Loc Fence Rentals since 2018. She enjoys writing about construction, and loves anything and everything to do with temporary fencing solutions.

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