Protecting Public Safety During Construction

August 10, 2018

It’s no accident that “Safety and Accountability” is one of Modu-Loc’s core values. We strongly support, encourage, and promote safety on all job sites – especially those that are in close proximity to the public. Those who work in this industry know that protecting public safety during construction is not optional. It’s an obligation.

This is especially true in certain areas. For instance, steps should be taken to protect public safety safety on construction sites near schools, public parks, and pedestrian walkways. Modu-Loc has a number of safety products that can be implemented in many situations to improve the safety of your site.

Delineators with Metal Boots

Temporary metal fencing with high-visibility delineators surrounds a construction site.

Delineators are high-visibility orange posts that can be used as a visual deterrent. We use metal boots to attach delineators to Modu-Loc bases along the fence line. This helps to reduce tripping hazards, improve visibility of the fence line, and expand the barrier between live construction sites and the public. We recommend using delineators when fence is going up around a parking lot, as their reflective tape helps make the fence line visible at night.

Ideal Applications:

  • Parking lots
  • Pedestrian walkways/sidewalks

Delineators with Rubber Bases

A high-visibility orange plastic delineator with reflective tape and a black rubber base.

These delineators are fixed to a black weighted rubber base rather than a metal boot. They perform the same functions as delineators with metal boots (i.e. deterring pedestrian traffic, enhancing visibility), but are easily portable if required. Because they function as a stand-alone item, they can be used to demarcate a safety hazard – such as a spill or a curb. Additionally, rope or caution tape can be threaded through the top handles to quickly create a temporary, high-visibility barrier that can be moved throughout the site with ease. You can use delineators with rubber bases in conjunction with types of fence that cannot accommodate the metal boot-style delineator, such as silver pedestrian barricade.

Ideal Applications:

  • Call attention to safety hazards
  • Create simple, short-term barriers

Safety Ramps

Black picket fence with orange safety ramps encloses a restaurant patio.

Our high-visibility safety ramps slide onto fence bases to provide a smooth transition for wheeled equipment, and to help reduce pedestrian tripping hazards. Safety ramps are ideal for a wide variety of applications, but are especially recommended for fence located near areas of high pedestrian traffic. They help ensure the accessibility of a site as they allow wheelchairs and motorized scooters to glide over fence bases.

Ideal Applications:

  • Pedestrian walkways/sidewalks
  • Schools
  • Indoor uses

Debris Netting

A line of temporary metal fence panels with bright green transluscent mesh screening.

Modu-Loc’s debris netting is versatile, as it can be hung horizontally or vertically and may be cut to length without running. Debris netting helps protect the safety of the public by containing dust and debris on active construction sites. It also improves site privacy and security.

Ideal Applications:

  • High wind scenarios
  • Residential areas
  • Parking lots
  • Pedestrian walkways/sidewalks
  • Schools


These safety products are convenient solutions for those committed to protecting public safety during construction. Many of these products can be used in tandem to achieve optimal safety. If you’re not sure which safety solutions would be best for your site, speak with your local Modu-Loc sales representative or contact us here.

Author: Stephani Hnetinka

Stephani is a Marketing Assistant who has been working with Modu-Loc Fence Rentals since 2018. She enjoys writing about construction, and loves anything and everything to do with temporary fencing solutions.

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