Installing Modu-Loc Fence: DIY or Call a Fence Guy?

May 19, 2020

Black 4' high temporary fence is used to create a queue outside of a big box retail store, with text overlay that reads "Installing Modu-Loc fence: DIY or call a Fence Guy?"

Modu-Loc’s famed Fence Guys are known as the pros at installing and removing temporary fence. They go through a profusion of training to ensure that they are the experts in temporary fence installation. But not all sites require the “Fence Guy touch”. In fact, Modu-Loc fence is intentionally designed to be easy to set up. However, we wouldn’t suggest just jumping into the DIY approach. There are many things to consider when you are thinking of installing Modu-Loc temporary fence yourself.

Can I Install Modu-Loc Fence Myself?

Installing Modu-Loc’s temporary fence panels is not difficult. In fact, they are so easy to configure that some customers set up the fence on their own. We sometimes see job requests with very simple fencing needs. Owners of newly developed homes sometimes need a temporary fencing solution before a more permanent one is installed. For example, they may need a fenced area for their dog, or somewhere for their children to play outside safely. A perfect solution for those situations is our pickup panel. These lightweight panels fit in most standard-sized vehicles for easy transportation. Their smaller-than-average size also makes the panels easy to store for future projects, which could include fencing off a garden to keep away pests, or re-purposing for an “industrial chic” DIY home decor project.

Construction customers and home builders will sometimes take a DIY install approach to their fence. Installing your own fence is relatively simple if you have a straightforward layout and favourable site conditions. Our standard panels are easy to install on even, sturdy terrain without specific requirements.  Having enough labour is a consideration, too. If you have able bodies, installing the fence yourself can be an efficient way to reduce the cost of delivery and set-up, saving you money on your overall fence rental bill. Even installing signage and gates on our fence is easy! Modu-Loc’s install guide provides step-by-step instructions on how to set up your temporary fencing solution. If you prefer video instruction, check out our YouTube channel.

Who Are You Gonna Call? The Fence Guys!

Sometimes jobs require assistance from the pros. If you’re not comfortable installing Modu-Loc fence yourself, our Fence Guys are the ones to call. They are the experts in site containment solutions, and can identify potential hazards that may not be obvious to you. For example, if you are working in an area susceptible to high winds, or your site consists of difficult terrain, you should consider leaving install to the professionals. Fence Guys can suggest and install the right stability solutions for your unique situation, ensuring the integrity and safety of your fence line.

Many customers come to us for assistance when they require a higher level of care and planning. This is particularly true for large-scale, high-profile events, but is also becoming more commonplace within the construction industry. If you require a high-security setup, our field staff can deliver a solution that is breach-resistant and includes controlled access points. Some of our advanced solutions require specialized equipment and training to be properly deployed, and are best left to the experts.

One final thing to consider is the proximity of your temporary fence to high-traffic areas. These include parking lots, retail stores, playgrounds, urban construction, and roadside applications, among others. Whether your fence line borders footpaths or streets, high-traffic areas pose their own unique set of challenges. They also expose you to a greater legal risk for the simple fact that there are more people near your site. In these situations, improperly installed fence can be a liability. You want to be sure that your fence is stable, secure, and doesn’t pose a safety risk for members of the public. Your best bet is to have it professionally installed so that trip-and-fall hazards and stability issues are properly addressed.

Every site has its own unique challenges. It’s easy to DIY simple setups, especially with the help of our installation guides and how-to videos. But difficult weather, uneven terrain, and other special requirements may necessitate that you to call in the professionals. Need help deciding? You can contact us to speak with a Customer Service Representative about your options.

Author: Stephani Hnetinka

Stephani is a Marketing Assistant who has been working with Modu-Loc Fence Rentals since 2018. She enjoys writing about construction, and loves anything and everything to do with temporary fencing solutions.

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