How to Install Modu-Loc Pickup Panels 

July 28, 2020

How to Install Modu-Loc Pickup Panels

When configuring your temporary fence, it’s important to consider safety. A temporary fence enclosure is secure and stable as long as it is installed correctly. Our interlocking fence system is designed in a way that is easy for most people to set up and take down. With our pickup panels, it is even easier due to their lighter weight and smaller size. This blog post will teach you how to set up Modu-Loc Pickup Panels.

Here is a step-by-step guide on how to install your Pickup Panels. You can also check out the video tutorial for this guide on YouTube.

Before You Start

You will need to have your complete fence system, including fence panels, bases and caps. You may require extra items if you have decided to enhance your system.

Step 1 – Lay Your Bases

All Modu-Loc fence bases consist of one square and one round peg. Lay out fence bases 4ft apart with all of the round pegs facing the direction you will build your fence

Step 2 – Assemble Fence Line

Begin assembling the fence panels onto the bases. Insert the square peg into the panel first, then drag the panel back to the previously installed base and place it on the round peg. Please note all our fence is installed with the Modu-Loc label plate on top.

Step 3 – Insert Caps

Now you’re ready to finalise the fence set-up by installing the caps. All the caps also consist of one square and one round peg. These need to be installed in the same fashion that the bases were laid out: round pegs line up with round pegs and square with square. Insert the cap into the top of the panel, and slide the cap in completely.


Success! You have finished installing your Modu-Loc Pickup Panels!

Pickup Panels

Now you know how to install Modu-Loc Pickup Panels! If you require any further assistance, please contact us. 

Author: Stephani Hnetinka

Stephani is a Marketing Assistant who has been working with Modu-Loc Fence Rentals since 2018. She enjoys writing about construction, and loves anything and everything to do with temporary fencing solutions.

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