How to Get an Accurate Fence Rental Quote

July 23, 2020

When you’re reviewing invoices at the end of a long day (or worse, at the end of a long project), the last thing you want to see is a surprise. But too often in this industry, the final bill ends up looking very little like the initial fence rental quote. Of course, some suppliers have a reputation for sneaking in hidden fees. But sometimes unanticipated charges are simply the result of an inaccurate estimate at the start of the project.

At Modu-Loc, we pride ourselves on operating with transparency and honesty. In fact, Integrity & Trust is one of our core values, and this extends to our billing practices. We are up-front about any anticipated charges above and beyond the base rental rate. This could include fees for things like delivery or emergency service. But even we are not immune to the occasional case of underestimating a job.

That’s because there are a lot of variables that impact the typical fence rental quote. Any failure to provide all of the pertinent information at the quoting stage could result in some unwelcome surprises when it’s time to pay. Our representatives know all the right questions to ask, but not all suppliers may be as thorough. To ensure you get the most accurate fence rental quote possible – and avoid unexpected charges on your bill – follow these helpful tips:

Be Clear About Timing

Many temporary fence suppliers charge additional fees for service during irregular hours. This could mean evening, weekend, or holiday deliveries are subject to extra charges. If you need the fence installed outside of regular business hours, be clear about that.

Understand Your Site Requirements

A common challenge during quoting is that the person responsible for getting the fence rental quote may not have eyes on the site. This can be problematic for a number of reasons. They might not know where the fence needs to go, or even exactly how much is required. Worse, they probably don’t know how easy the site is to access – and poor accessibility can quickly lead to extra charges.

What do we mean by site accessibility? Simply put, we need to know how close our delivery trucks can get to the actual install site. If the fence needs to be hand-carried a long distance from the nearest parking spot to the actual installation area, then additional labour charges may need to be assessed. Similarly, if the install is happening indoors, more time and care is required to carry the fence to its intended destination.

If you’re requesting a fence rental quote and you haven’t personally visited the site, try to get all of the details from someone who has. Alternatively, schedule a walk-through of the site with your temporary fence supplier. Granting them a first-hand look at the site is a great way to ensure all potential needs are properly addressed on the quote. At Modu-Loc, we are currently exploring virtual site walk platforms to allow contactless site visits.

Account for Points of Entry

This ties into understanding your site requirements. Rarely are customers looking for a big rectangular perimeter of fence with no way to get in. But they do sometimes forget to account for gates during the quoting stage.

At Modu-Loc, there is a small additional charge for each gate installed. Specifying how many gates you’ll need will ensure your fence rental quote is as accurate as possible.

Don’t Underestimate How Much Fence You’ll Need

Recognize that site conditions are rarely ideal. Sometimes, we’re dealing with rough terrain or areas prone to high winds. In those cases, stability becomes a concern.

Even on a flat surface, long, straight lines of fence can be unstable – particularly if you add banners, screening or signage. Whenever possible, we will reinforce the fence line by tying it off to existing permanent structures. But when that’s not an option, our best practice is to use v-bracing or triangle bracing to stabilize fence and prevent tipping.

For this reason, it’s best to anticipate that you may need 5% to 10% more fence than estimated.

Consider Factors Affecting Stability

In a similar vein, if you do plan to hang banners or screening from your fencing, be sure to let your fence supplier know. That will allow them to properly plan for reinforcing the fence and addressing any stability concerns.

This prevents any surprise requirements for additional stability products, and it may save you a follow-up call to the supplier. One of the most common reasons we’re called back out to site is to fix fence that has fallen over. Often, it’s because screening has been added after the fact. Most suppliers will charge for crews to return to a site, so ensuring fence is properly stabilized in the first place is a surefire way to prevent additional fees.

Understand What Is – and Isn’t – Included in Your Fence Rental Quote

This advice really applies to any estimate from any supplier, vendor or partner. Sometimes, ending up with a bill that doesn’t match the initial quote comes down to assumptions made by the client or the vendor.

Most temporary fence suppliers (Modu-Loc included) charge a rental rate per linear foot of fence. This rental rate typically includes one cap and one base per fence panel – as it is assumed the fence will be installed in one continuous line or compound. If that’s not the case, then be clear about how you need the fence to be configured. This will prevent your supplier from underestimating how many components are required.

Similarly, don’t assume that the fence rental includes auxiliary products such as ground spikes, privacy screen, or security clamps. If you don’t see a particular service or solution represented on the fence rental quote, always clarify whether it is a part of the rental package.

More Information

Check out “How Much Does it Cost to Rent Construction Fence?” for a detailed breakdown of the types of charges you’ll see on a typical construction fence rental quote. It’s a great primer for anybody who is about to rent fence for the first time.

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Author: Joanna Bieda

Joanna Bieda is the Director of Marketing and Communications at Modu-Loc Fence Rentals, and has been with the company since 2014. She loves writing and is a self-professed data nerd. She thoroughly enjoys teaching customers about all things fence via Modu-Loc's blog.

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