10 Things You Didn’t Know You Can Do With Rental Fence

September 7, 2018

Many of our jobs involve simple perimeter fencing around an event or construction site. However, sometimes things get a little more interesting! Every once in a while, our rental fence is called upon to perform a task that we consider “outside the box”. Over the years, we’ve encountered a number of visionary customers and oddball situations that put a creative spin on our product. Some of them used the fence for its intended purpose (keeping people in or out of an area), but in an uncommon environment. Others used the fence in a completely new and different way.

From creating temporary walls to spooking the neighbourhood kids, here are just some of the unique things you can do with rental fence:

  1. Host an art show

    Modu-Loc fence used for art show
    Our standard green fence panels have been used to display artwork at a number of events, including the annual Branksome Hall student art show, Art in the Park, and RAW showcases. Art can easily be hung from bare fence, but we prefer to add privacy screening to create a seamless backdrop. Displaying art on temporary fence panels makes it easy to organize an art show just about anywhere – whether indoors or outside. The fence can also be moved around to create the optimal layout for your art display.

  1. Build animal enclosures

    Modu-Loc fence used to create pens for alpacas
    Modu-Loc has used rental fence to create an array of temporary pens for animals. One example is the Ontario Alpaca Show. We used gates to provide easy access, and privacy screening to block sightlines and create some separation. Where else can we use fence to create temporary animal enclosures? Seasonal petting zoos, pet expos, and animal sporting events are all good examples.

  1. Create a photo backdrop

    Modu-Loc fence and custom screen create a photo backdrop
    Our fence makes a great photo backdrop when used in conjunction with branded screening or banners. We created a Modu-Loc-themed (and 60’s wallpaper-inspired) photo backdrop with fence and custom screening for our hospitality suite at the Festivals & Events Ontario 2016 Conference. With our custom screening options, you can create a fun photo backdrop for your event attendees. Encourage attendees to engage with your brand by creating an “Instagram-worthy” background for selfies or a red carpet-style step-and-repeat.

  2. Use it for signage

    Modu-Loc fence in a triangle formation creates a signage display solution
    When used in a triangle formation, our fence makes a stable and effective “tripod” for signage. This can be done with our standard 10’ wide panels or our half panels, which are only 5’ wide. These signage structures are easy to set up and move, if necessary. They are ideal for outdoor events and other sites that require a temporary signage solution to post information, directions, or sponsor banners.

  1. Make a haunted house

    Modu-Loc fence and privacy screen is used with Halloween props to create a haunted house
    One of our Montreal employees got especially creative with our fence at Halloween. She used our fence panels and privacy screening to build a haunted house-style attraction in her front yard. The addition of cotton spider webs, fake blood and caution tape helped create an eerie atmosphere. It’s easy to hang decorations from the fence to create the spookiest temporary haunted house on the block!

  1. Build rinks for sporting events

    Temporary metal fence forms the perimeter of a road hockey rink, where a goalie is seen defending his net
    We have created ball hockey “rinks” using a combination of 8’ and 4’ tall panels for events like Road Hockey to Conquer Cancer and Five Hole for Food. Modu-Loc has even fenced off an indoor soccer field to help protect spectators and broadcast equipment. Outdoor winter skating rinks can also be enclosed using our fence panels. Use our white picket fence to create a themed winter wonderland!

  1. Make temporary storage lockers

    Temporary storage lockers are built from fence panels in an underground parking area
    Our fence is frequently used to build storage compounds to secure valuable equipment during construction projects. A lesser-known application is the creation of temporary storage lockers for things like bicycles at events or hockey bags at ball hockey tournaments. We have even secured our fence to the floor to create permanent bike lockers in condominiums. Our gates allow for easy access to the lockers, and can be secured with a chain and lock. The addition of security clamps or spike rails further enhances the protection of stored equipment.

  1. Define a VIP area

    Modu-Loc fence and wallpaper panels create temporary walls for a seating area
    For events being held in large, open-concept spaces, our rental fence can be used to help define or enclose a seating area or VIP lounge. We mounted wallpaper panels on our 6’ temporary fence at a recent corporate event to help create the illusion of walls around a seating area. Hanging banners, branded screen or privacy screening would work equally well – and it prevents potential damage to the venue walls. Creating a VIP area will add a touch of exclusivity to your event.

  1. Create a broadcast compound

    8' tall temporary metal fence surrounds a parking lot, where media trailers are parked
    Major events attract a lot of media attention, requiring a secure area for production trucks, office trailers and other broadcast vehicles. These broadcast compounds must create a safe place to store expensive equipment. Using temporary fence and some of our gates and accessories, you can easily create a secured area. The addition of privacy screening helps keep prying eyes away.

  1. Temporarily fence in your backyard or pool

    If you’ve just purchased a new home and need a quick fix to create a fenced in backyard, you can use Modu-Loc temporary fencing. We regularly have customers looking for a temporary solution to fence in their backyard. This is often to keep the family dog safe and secured, or to add some privacy. The fence can also be used to keep pets and small children away from certain areas on your property if they are under construction. Similarly, you can use temporary fence to safely secure a pool until a more permanent solution is found. It can even help protect a garden from local wildlife like rabbits and deer!

Though we pride ourselves on our commitment to innovation, sometimes it’s our customers who help us see fence in a new light. If you want to explore temporary fencing as a solution to your unique challenge, contact us today. Our reps would be happy to help you think outside the box!

Author: Stephani Hnetinka

Stephani is a Marketing Assistant who has been working with Modu-Loc Fence Rentals since 2018. She enjoys writing about construction, and loves anything and everything to do with temporary fencing solutions.

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